Johnny Stallings
I was born in Whitefish, Montana, on August 17, 1951. We moved to Portland, Oregon when I was eight. In Portland, I went to Maplewood Grade School and Wilson High School. Graduated from Maui High, which I attended for two years.

I dropped out of Portland State University after half a year. I was a draft resister during the Vietnam War. Traveled a lot in my twenties. Spent a couple years in India. I studied acting with Howard Thoresen and started acting in plays in the Seventies.

After I dropped out of college I started doing a lot of reading. I've always carried  a lot of books with me wherever I go. I'm a bibliophile. Meditation has always been and continues to be very important to me.

Since 2006, I've been living with Nancy Scharbach and going to prison every week, doing a meaning-of-life dialogue class there and directing plays. (See

I think of myself as an active participant in the non-stop Love In.